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How to Properly Hydrate Your Body in the Summer

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During the hot summer months, we often feel more tired, sometimes faintly, and suffer from more frequent headaches and muscle cramps. All of these symptoms can point to improper hydration. We tend to sweat much in the summer and need to hydrate our bodies adequately to feel our best and maintain our bodies’ balance.

The most straightforward tell-tell sign of dehydration is dark-coloured or scarce urination followed by dry mouth and feeling thirsty. 

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, chances are that your body is already dehydrated. Therefore, you should drink more water as a first thing. That will help you to keep up with your summer hydration needs.

Let’s explore what to do and what to avoid to hydrate your body in the summer.

  • Avoid or significantly reduce coffee, alcohol, sugar-loaded fizzy drinks, and energy drinks. All of that stuff dehydrates your body. 
  • Eat loads of seasonal fruit and veggies: cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, and watermelons, to name a few. They all contain high amounts of water and nutrients to help you keep well-hydrated and nourished. 
cucumber and radish salad for proper hydration
  • Avoid inflammatory foods as they tend to dehydrate your body: sweets and sugar in general, highly processed foods, refined grain products, like bread and pasta, dairy products and vegetable oils should all be off the menu. 
  • Include electrolytes. We tend to lose electrolytes with sweat. Therefore, if we exercise or sweat more, we should integrate potassium, magnesium and sodium. Always opt for good quality supplements. 

I would suggest magnesium as the most important for the summer months for the following reasons: it helps maintain body temperature, it helps maintain good water equilibrium within the body, and it helps with dehydration symptoms you might already have, like headaches, muscle pain or poor sleep quality. 

And most importantly:

Drink more water. 

four glasses of splashy water

Some considerations here. Natural mineral water is the best option, but you can opt for naturally fizzy mineral water, cold brew tea or infused water instead to spice it up and encourage you to drink more. 

I love citrus and mint-infused lightly fizzy mineral water in the summer. It is super refreshing and calorie-free. 

You should sip water throughout the day and never wait until you feel thirsty. It helps to have your water bottle with you at all times. Consider investing in a nice-looking and good-quality water bottle. One you gladly carry with you everywhere. 

reusable water bottle for sustainable hydration

Avoid drinking large amounts during mealtimes as it dilutes your stomach juices and is bad for digestion. Drink a glass before mealtimes. 

Make it a habit to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. I observed that a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar helps me wake up better than an espresso! 

Skip iced or ice-cold water. Opt for room temperature or cool. I mix up refrigerated and room-temperature water. Extra cold and iced water can reduce the temperature of your stomach and intestine, which might cause other problems like stomach aches, diarrhoea and poor digestion. Or a headache. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, drinking more water during the summer is crucial to proper hydration. Commercial sugar-loaded fizzy drinks should be avoided at all times as counterproductive. The same goes for coffee and alcohol.

Include fresh fruit and vegetables naturally rich in water while avoiding inflammatory foods. 

In case of excessive sweat or vigorous exercise, integrate with electrolytes. Which in turn will help hydrate your body properly.

“I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.”

Henry David Thoreau

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