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How to Create a Personalised Evening Routine

relaxing bedroom with plant and neutral decor

A good evening routine is fundamental. It might be more important than your morning routine. We have so many things going on in our lives, so much stress that we do need to decompress and relax. Let’s see why we need it and how to craft one.

So why does it matter to have a good evening routine?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired and thoroughly challenged by your day? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Negative self-talk and restlessness in the evenings? Do you binge-watch TV right until bedtime? Wake up tired and anxious in the morning? Do you crave sweet or salty snacks?

We can all agree that this is unhealthy for you and those around you. Therefore you should experiment and create new healthier habits. Your evenings should be happy and relaxing and help you unwind to have a good night’s sleep so you can start a new day ahead fresh and energised.

Effective Evening Routine. Where do we start?

Firstly, we should become mindful of our time in the evening and how we spend it. See what works and what does not. Assess what habits you need to cut and decide what you wish to do instead.

Then design your bedroom to be a restful oasis. You could employ some Feng Shui tips, try aromatherapy and generate nature sounds to help promote relaxation and better sleep. Air-purifying plants are also a way to go. 

After that, dim the lights in the bedroom, and keep the temperature lower. You might want to get black curtains to block out all light when you sleep (or use a sleeping mask).

Most importantly, do not work in your bedroom. No laptop, no emails, no documents should ever touch your bed. 

Lastly, create a simple routine that supports relaxation and prepares your mind and body for restful sleep.

What can we include in our evening routine?

Like morning, evening routine is a personal matter.  Choose your battles here and decide what works best for you. Let’s see what we can do in the evening to soothe us and prepare for a restful night’s sleep:

  • Change to comfortable lounging clothes, best in natural fibres so your skin can breathe.
relaxing in comfy lounging clothes with a good book
  • Eat a healthy and nourishing dinner. The best practice is to keep it light and eat early. 
  • Dim the lights. Avoid being exposed to bright artificial light after sundown. That can create havoc with your sleep cycle as your body will think it is daytime.
  • Turn off screens as soon as possible. Blu light interferes with your sleep cycle by suppressing melatonin production.
  • Spend quality time with your family. Go outside, play a game or have a chat.
  • Read a good book. 
evening routine set up with a book and plush pillows
  • Cut out cigarettes, alcohol and late-night snacks.
  • Check the weather forecast and lay out an outfit for the next day. Prepare your workout clothes and any gear needed for your morning workout. Gather in one place all other essentials, like keys, wallet, umbrella, shopping bag etc., so you don’t have to stress and feel rushed in the morning. Also, prepare lunch boxes for you (and your family members in case they do not take care of it by themselves).
  • Tidy up, wash up, clean kitchen counters and any spills.
  • Journal or do a brain dump to clear your head and identify the most pressing tasks for the next day.
  • Spend time by the fireplace or lit up candles. That might help with natural melatonin production.
  • Stretch your body or do relaxing Yoga practice.
  • Have a warm drink (herbal tea, moon milk, golden milk) instead of after-dinner coffee. If you feel anxious and have difficulty falling asleep, you should only have coffee in the morning. In the evening, try caffeine-free alternatives instead.
  • Take a warm bath. Or warm shower
meditation in bed great practice for evening routine
  • Meditate
  • Visualise
  • Listen to calm and soothing music. Make a playlist
  • Take make-up off, wash and moisturise your face.
  • Do face yoga, face massage, gua sha
  • Perform  an Ayurvedic self-massage 
  • Cuddle with your family members or a pet
quality time hugging a cat, evening routine star
  • Set boundaries when it comes to work, decide when your work day ends and stick to it. That means no more emails, phone calls or finishing up reports. 

Cannot fall asleep?

Some nights you might still find it difficult to fall asleep, even after completing your evening routine. Be patient, and do not force yourself. 

I observed that bedtime yoga or light stretching do wonders. There is often some tension in our bodies that we are unaware of. 

Following the stretching, I would read a book. That is usually enough to send me drifting off. 

reading in bed great tip for relaxing evening routine

If not, instead of forcing myself to fall asleep, I would do the contrary: try to keep myself awake. This reverse psychology trick works almost every time. 

And if not even that, I would get up and do something productive, for example, a hobby, like painting or knitting, read something informative or study, do a task that I’ve been putting off for too long etc. However, avoid over-stimulating chores. And do not expose yourself to bright light. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, your evenings should be happy and relaxing. Remember that there is no perfect evening routine. And it does not need to be static. We can change it anytime and adapt to different life situations. Or seasons. Even days of the week.

Above all, whatever you do in the evenings should help you release tension and prepare your body to sleep and rest.

“Take a deep breath. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.”

A. D. Posey

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