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Hi there and welcome. My name is Ren and I dedicate most of my time and this site to exploring how to create a more peaceful and meaningful life, reduce waste and negative impact on our planet as well as other earthlings, and improve the everyday living environment.

My journey toward change started because of various health issues, including allergies, hormonal imbalances, and physical exhaustion, then followed by depression and severe panic attacks. I knew that to turn my life around I had to make some serious lifestyle changes. I cut out as many toxins from my life as possible, started eating healthy homemade meals every day, and prioritized organic and locally grown fruit and veggies. Alongside a healthy diet, I started using organic makeup and beauty products and ditched toxic cleaning products at home.

The results were fast and rewarding. 

I never looked back. And now wish to share my experience with as many struggling earthlings as possible.

relax me time

What does “Intentional Rituals” mean and why? Well, our lives are all about rituals. We all have them and often do not realize that. Our day-to-day life is run by rituals. So setting effective ones with intention and perseverance can improve the quality of our lives immensely. Living on autopilot on the other hand can drag us to the bottom.

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