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10 Real Gua Sha benefits

gua sha gemstone

Gua Sha is a fantastic beauty ally that originated from ancient Cina. And it is still widely used today. It is also becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive and effective self-care tool in the Western world, claiming many beauty and health benefits.

I have been using gua sha for a while now and would like to share the real benefits I experienced.

Just a little background information before we dive into gua sha benefits. 

I gua sha-ed my face every night before bed with an aventurine gemstone. No fancy or expensive serums were involved. Instead, I used only organic coconut or jojoba oil to lubricate my face for an easy glide combined with vitamin oils like C and E. 

It took around a month to see changes. I was ecstatic and enthusiastic! Now I can not imagine my beauty routine without it.

gua sha stone and glass oil bottle

So what are the gua sha benefits that I observed?

  • 1. Thicker skin

My skin looks and feels more compact and thicker when pinched. That makes me think that it does help collagen production. 

  • 2. More elastic skin

When pinched and released, my skin goes straight to where it was. No saggy or sloppy bits.

  • 3. No more puffiness in the morning

I used to wake up with puffy eyes almost every morning. Now it’s rare.

  • 4. Smoother and more radiant skin

My face looks much healthier, and the colouring is more vibrant and radiant. Goodbye, greyish and dull complexion. 

  • 5. Stopped nervous ticks around the eye area

I used to get ticks frequently. Not anymore. It was an unexpected benefit of using gua sha. This might be because gua sha-ing helps reduce facial tension and muscle knots. 

  • 6. Reduced blackheads

Nasty blackheads in the T zone are less visible and diminished in quantity and size. 

  • 7. Gone dry spots around the nose and eyebrows 

I used to get dry and flaky spots around my nose and eyebrows, especially in winter. They are gone completely. 

  • 8. Erased fine lines 

Fine lines on my face are gone. And that is without using retinol.

  • 9. Reduced pores

My infraorbital area (cheek below the eye) was decorated with nasty dilated pores. Now they are less visible and shrunk in size.

  • 10. Increased relaxation and better sleep

After the first time using gua sha, my face was incredibly relaxed. The sensation was new to me. Now I consider it normal. As a result, I found it easier to fall and remain asleep. 

gua sha stone and massage oil bottle

Safety considerations

Gua sha massage is generally considered safe and has no undesired side effects if used correctly. Light and even strokes without much pressure will result in slightly red skin for a short time due to increased blood flow. Putting too much pressure, on the other hand, might result in bruising, and we do not want that on our faces. 

In some cases, gua sha might not be recommended. You should consult your healthcare provider if you suffer from thin blood, take blood thinner meds or have blood clotting problems.

And in case you suffer from a chronic skin condition like rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, seek advice from your dermatologist before attempting gua sha. 

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