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Eco-friendly Beach Essentials to Make a Statement

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Going to the beach is always a great idea. Many of us look forward to getting a golden tan and enjoying a refreshing swim in the sea. However, it is fundamental to consider the impact of our beach trips on the oceans and the natural seaside environment. Let’s start by being mindful and bringing only eco-friendly beach essentials.

Great news! You most likely already have some of the necessary items listed. Start by checking what you can reuse or repurpose. Additionally, consider borrowing any required items from someone else. Finally, only purchase the remaining items that you deem essential. Responsibly and from trusted sources.

So what are the eco-friendly beach essentials?

Beach Towels 

It is advisable to steer clear of microfiber or other synthetic fabrics, as they may cause skin irritation and release microplastics that could eventually end up in the ocean.

It would be better to opt for natural fabrics like linen, bamboo, hemp, or organic cotton, which are non-toxic. A win-win: good for you and the environment.

Mineral sunscreen 

There are different organic and sealife-friendly options available. Finally! However, it is easy to DIY one with just a few simple ingredients. Ditch all commercial sunscreens. They are toxic to you and the oceans. And that goes before all the horrid plastic packaging which will most likely find its way to the sea or landfill.

Beach Bag 

You might already have a perfect bag for a beach trip. Did you ever consider using your canvas shopper or farmer’s market basket? Your gym bag or backpack are also good options. If you need to buy a new one, opt for natural fibres and sturdy composition. 

canvas tote on a rustic chair at the beach

Water bottles, thermos, lunch/ bento boxes and reusable cutlery 

I found that stainless steel is best as it is lightweight and resistant. It is perfect for lunch, snacks and water. In addition, the thermos will maintain water and lunch cool for hours. Take the cutlery from home or get a reusable bamboo set you will reuse countless times.

Occasionally, I prefer using glass bottles and jars since they have a more lavish feel, which would be ideal for special events such as a romantic date or a birthday.


When shopping for a new bikini or swimsuit, prioritise eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Try to choose pieces with minimal artificial fibres, even though this can be difficult. Look for swimwear made from recycled fabrics and of good quality to ensure longevity. This will help reduce your environmental impact by extending the lifespan of your swimwear.

Beach Hat

Straw hats are gorgeous and help protect your hair and face from the sun. It is an absolute must for your beach trips. Nevertheless is a perfect accessory for summer in general.

eco-friendly straw beach hat essential accessory

Flip Flops

We certainly need a pair at the beach. The sand can get too hot to walk on! Luckily nine times out of ten, this is something we already own. If not, opt for a sustainable brand.

A Good Beach Read

Read something relaxing, interesting, or informative, such as a book or magazine. Claim back your time and disconnect from your phone for a few hours. That is not only beneficial for you but also for the planet. You will be surprised how quitting scrolling helps you unwind.

woman reading a book: one of essentials for eco-friendly beach trip


This is also something that most of us already own. Remember to take a protective case with you. Sand and salt can easily damage your sunglasses. Be mindful and protect them.


If possible, skip wearing any jewellery when spending time in the sun, sand, or salty water. These elements can be damaging to your pieces, especially gemstones. But if you must wear jewellery, choose solid gold or silver items. Pick the ones that are bold and sturdy. Whereas super-thin, flimsy or damaged jewellery will be safer left at home.


If you hit the beach with kids, avoid taking plastic toys. Opt for natural materials like wood. Let the kids play with sand, pebbles and driftwood. If you cannot avoid bringing plastic toys, limit them to a few essential pieces and ensure that you have them all packed up before leaving. This will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste left behind and keep the beach clean and safe for everyone.

Leave it as you found it. Or better

Leave behind only positive energy, sounds of joy, and traces of your footsteps. Make sure not to abandon any of your personal belongings or litter. And refrain from taking any natural elements from the beach, such as sand or pebbles.

Do not feed sea fish and birds.

If you want to improve the environment, why not pick up and dispose of any litter left by less responsible individuals? This way, you leave the area better than you found it.

collecting single use plastic waste at the beach

Final Thoughts on eco-friendly beach essentials

When going to the beach, remember that it is an experience. Relax and keep it simple. You don’t need a huge bag full of items like Mary Poppins. It’s essential to be mindful and avoid anything that may harm your health or the environment. Choose natural materials and steer clear of all harsh chemicals. Especially when enjoying the natural surroundings.

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