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Improve Cellulite Naturally

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Last few years, I observed a trend of increased cellulite, especially in young women. Why would an 18-year-old have cellulite? Especially if she is not overweight? And it seems that it is due to our poor lifestyle choices. Bad diet, lack of physical activity, poor sleep. All of that adds up. So how do we reverse the trend and improve the horrible cellulite naturally?

Well, unfortunately, there is no quick-fix solution. We will need to put in some consistent work to reap the results, especially if we are 30-something or more. The situation is never hopeless and can be improved. It doesn’t even matter from what condition you start.

First of all, let’s look into what are the causes of cellulite. If we know what is causing it, we can work on solutions, right? So what do we need to address to help with cellulite? The main areas to look into:

  1. Hormones and possible hormonal imbalances 
  2. Muscle atrophy
  3. Poor circulation
  4. Loss of collagen or low collagen production

Hormones and possible hormonal imbalances. 

We all heard about estrogen, insulin, melatonin, DHEA, cortisol, etc. Many different hormones control respective areas within your body, e.g., metabolism, sleep-wake cycle, growth, reproduction, homeostasis, and mood. The thing about hormones is that they work on schedule, and even seemingly insignificant imbalances can cause serious havoc in our bodies. 

To keep our hormones under control, we need to take charge of our lifestyles and make better choices to keep ourselves healthy and in balance as much as possible.

What can we do to help our hormone balance naturally?

  • Stop smoking. It is very harmful to hormone balance.
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet to keep your gut happy. Make sure to include sufficient amounts of good quality protein, fibre, healthy fats, and nutrient-rich foods like seasonal fruit and veggies. Also, cut back on sugar, even eliminate it.
  • Get high-quality sleep regularly. A general rule of thumb is to at least 7 hours and be in bed before midnight.
  • Reduce stress. Explore different relaxation techniques, e.g. meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, hobbies, and listening to soothing music, to name a few. 

Always consult your healthcare provider in case you suspect a hormonal imbalance. In case you suffer from a health condition, make sure you manage it well. Discuss with your healthcare provider if your condition can be controlled naturally. 

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Muscle atrophy

Remember that perky teenage years butt? Is it hanging low right now? Is there loose skin? If you do not like the image you see, you might want to invest time and energy to improve the situation. 

If you are out of shape and haven’t worn your gym shoes for years, start small but be consistent. 

Moving and exercising is particularly important in case you are in an office job and sit all day. The human body needs to be challenged and is built for walking, not sitting around. Get outside and walk as much as you can. This will benefit your overall health, not only improve cellulite.

To tackle and significantly improve the appearance of cellulite, we need to work on the legs and glutes. The best exercises are squats, deadlifts and lunges, which you can easily do at home. No excuses. You will need to add weights for faster muscle growth. 

Remember to look for balance in your exercise routine as well. Give yourself time to recover and rest.

woman squatting with dumbbell best exercise to improve cellulite

Poor circulation 

With poor circulation, your buttocks and thighs do not get enough blood with nutrients and oxygen. The good news is that this one is probably the easiest to work on. To help with poor circulation, include dry brushing and massage into your morning and evening beauty routines.  

Exercising and red light therapy would also help tackle poor circulation.

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Loss of collagen or low production of collagen

Now this one is big, especially for those advancing with age. In a nutshell, the collagen layer between your skin and fat is fundamental for a smooth appearance. A lack of collagen will result in dimples because the fat will push against your skin, even though you only have a subtle fat layer. In this case, losing fat will not resolve the problem. You will need to help your body regenerate collagen.

Unfortunately, taking a collagen supplement is not a quick-fix solution here. To help improve cellulite and help your body with collagen production, you will need to:

  • Reduce exposure to the sun and wear a sunscreen
  • Stop smoking
  • Get enough good quality sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet. To produce collagen, your body needs amino acids, so eat sufficient amounts of good-quality protein, fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Opt for organic as much as possible. 
  • Do intermittent fasting regularly
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Final thoughts

“I think every woman would want to do something about their cellulite!”

Tyra Banks

To improve cellulite naturally, we need to implement healthy habits in our lifestyles. Eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, managing our stress levels, and on the other hand, quitting smoking, drinking or worse will do miracles for our health, beauty and energy levels, to name a few.

Start this journey by taking some pictures of yourself, especially the behind. Then snap a few shots every month or so to track the progress. 

In case of the need to implement quite a few changes, it is helpful to find an accountability partner. Or partners. To help keep you motivated and accountable for progress and relapses every day.

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