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8 Essential Good Hair Care Tips

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Healthy and vibrant hair is a must for a polished look. Maintaining healthy locks requires consistent hair care routines, high-quality products, and lifestyle adjustments. Here are my top ten tips:

Maintain it clean, but do not overwash

Do your best to choose a good quality mild shampoo that suits your hair. Also, consider your specific hair concerns. Whether you need a super-hydrating, protective, or volumising formula, opt for a product that addresses your needs. It is recommended to wash your hair up to two to three times a week to avoid overwashing. And in between washes, you can experiment with hairstyles such as a messy bun or braids. Or try a dry shampoo, but use it in moderation. For a good hair care, use a lukewarm water and never hot. 


Condition after every wash. Yes, even if your hair is greasy. Opt for a good quality and suitable for your hair type conditioner. Apply from mid-length to tips. Add a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to your hair care routine. That will help lock in moisture. An extra step for good hair care: use a natural nourishing mask once a week or so for deep conditioning. 

Good Hair Care Tip 3 – Be Gentle

Prioritise loose hairstyles to minimise the stress on your hair. Be extra gentle while your hair is wet, as it is more prone to breakage. The towel should not be tight, and you should not brush your hair while it’s wet. For good hair care, start brushing your hair from the bottom and then work your way up and not from your roots. Do not tear through. Be gentle and patient. Brushing your hair also moves natural oils from the roots down. It is a good practice to brush your hair twice a day. Invest in a good quality natural fibre hair brush. 

Protect your Hair

You should protect your hair from external damage daily, like you do with your skin. The most important thing is to reduce heat styling as much as possible. Or even eliminate it. Pull up your hair when going to bed to reduce unnecessary friction. Or use a silk pillowcase. Protect your hair from UV rays, as they can be very damaging. Style up with hats or products with UV filters. Protect your hair while swimming. Consider using a swim cap. Another thing you could try is wetting your hair with fresh water before hitting the pool or sea. 

beach hat to protect hair from UV damage

Give your Hair a Day Off  

Your hair should have a day or two a week to rest from styling. Consider letting it air dry, skip styling products and curling or flat iron. Try a loose hairstyle and as little manipulation as possible. 

Good Hair Care Tip 6 – do not Ignore Sudden Changes.

It is best not to ignore sudden changes, such as excessive shedding or unusual scalp dryness. If that is the case, consult your hairdresser or a dermatologist. The same applies to persistent hair problems despite trying different treatments and products. If the issue persists, seeking professional help could be the best route of action.

Use no-tox products

Commercial hair care products can be loaded with harmful chemicals. Look for natural alternatives to safeguard your health and natural beauty. 

Nurture from within

A nutrient-packed balanced diet is essential for healthy and vibrant hair. For optimum hair care, consume sufficient amounts of good-quality protein and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially in the summer months. It is fundamental for the health and beauty of your hair and skin. 

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Good Hair Care Tip 8 – Care for your Scalp

It is advisable to keep your scalp clean to avoid product build-up. Using a scrub from time to time will do the trick. It will help thoroughly clean your scalp from impurities and build-up that can accumulate over time. A good hair hair extra step is performing a regular scalp massage to increase blood flow. Which in turn brings in nutrients to your scalp. And that is crucial if you want to grow your hair.

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