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How to Start a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe?

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Creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe can be a big challenge. So many of us have wardrobes full of clothes and nothing to wear. It might seem impossible or too daunting to start. But by following a few simple steps, we can do it. 

It does take time and effort to declutter and organise the wardrobe properly. And some patience. I know I have been there. And we have to make some mess in the process, too. So, we must equip ourselves with two or three large baskets to minimise the disorder. Most of us will need to stop, get interrupted, or something important will come up. 

Creating and curating a capsule wardrobe is an ongoing process. Seasons, styles and lifestyles change. However, the process can help you find your style. Furthermore, the wardrobe is not static. We need to revise, declutter and upgrade it frequently. 

The Steps to Start a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Do not buy any new clothing items.
  • Declutter the wardrobe. What usually works best is to sort your clothing into three piles:  – yes, no and maybe. Using baskets will help minimise chaos. 
cluttered and disorganised room
  • Divide your yes pile in two by separating the items you wear often and those you seldom do.

The ones you wear often should be your starting point and the core of your capsule wardrobe. Assess why you turn to these items: are they comfortable? Do you feel good wearing them? Can you see style patterns there? You may now put them back in your wardrobe. 

Now it’s time to look at the items you love but do not wear. Assess why that is. Did you forget to have them? Are they fantasy-self items, and you are not ready to pull up the look yet? Do they fit you well? Do you find it difficult to pair those items with the ones you wear often? Are they sentimental pieces?

Try them on to see whether they fit you well. If some of these items can be easily paired with your core wardrobe, put them back into your wardrobe. Sentimental items and fantasy-self pieces that you are not ready to let go of yet should be stored away with maybe items. 

  • Let’s move on to maybe items. Try them on to see if they fit and if you can incorporate them into your new capsule set easily. Perhaps to fill in the gaps. You might be able to make good use of some of those items straight away. You may put them back in your wardrobe. As for other pieces, store them away.
  • Store away maybe items. And also your sentimental and fantasy-self pieces. You will be able to shop there later on. Or declutter.
  • Next step: no items. Some of these can be gifted, others taken to charity shops. However, you are likely to have broken and not fit-to-be-worn pieces. Recycle them responsibly.

Tips and Considerations:

There is no right or wrong number of items one should have in a capsule wardrobe. Or colours, for that matter. Every person is unique. A capsule wardrobe is just a tool to have a minimum amount of clothing that a person is comfortable with, is easy to maintain and creates many different outfit combinations. Remember, your wardrobe – your rules. 

colourful capsule wardrobe

Creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe is a process of shopping our wardrobes first. Then, our stored-away “maybe” items before compulsively hitting the “by now” button on our favourite shopping app. 

Having and curating a sustainable capsule wardrobe does not mean that we will never get to buy anything new. But we will be more conscious of what we truly need. Most of us will have gaps to fill in. What we should do is to shop sustainably. Second-hand markets might provide unique pieces to richen up our wardrobes. Otherwise, we should invest in good quality and sustainably made garments that will pass the test of time and upgrade our wardrobes. Fast fashion should be avoided at all costs as it does not go hand in hand with a sustainable capsule wardrobe. 

minimalist wardrobe core items

What are your favourite colours, and what colours do you like wearing? It is not the same thing. Your wardrobe palette should reflect your colour type. Your favourite colours that do not suit you should be left for home decor. 

It is best if your wardrobe only contains clothing that you wear often. Seasonal items should be stored away. I suggest the same for costumes and special occasion gear. That not only helps save space but helps maintain your wardrobe cohesive.

In conclusion, when going through your no pile, access the pieces you don’t like or do not suit you. Why? Is that because of colour or fabric, or is it a cut or fit? Is there a trend? Be conscious of what you do not like so you will not buy similar items in the future. 

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