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How to Grow Long Hair

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Are you trying to grow your hair, but no matter what you do, it seems to reach a limit and never get any longer? I’ve been there. And I want to share my hair care routine that finally allowed me to grow long and healthy hair.

Let’s get started. It is not difficult, but it requires some lifestyle adjustments and effort. To grow it longer, you need to take care of it as meticulously as you take care of your skin. 

Your hair is growing all the time. The problem is that it does not lengthen because the ends break and fall off as they are the oldest part of your hair. And probably not in their best shape after all the washing, brushing, styling and other forms of abuse. 

Top Tips to Grow Long Hair

  1. Keep your hair clean and moisturised
  2. Massage scalp every day
  3. Brush your hair every day
  4. Eliminate or significantly reduce heat treatments
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Eat healthy diet
  7. Avoid frequent haircuts

So you need to protect and pamper your hair. The good news? It is not that difficult or time-consuming. Choose good quality organic hair products from trustworthy companies. All you need is mild shampoo, moisturising conditioner, leave-in conditioner and hair oil. 

I also use a homemade hair mask for detox or deep moisturising. The frequency is once a week or two weeks. There are endless options available. For a detox, I use bentonite clay and deep moisturising – organic coconut oil with vitamin drops. 

Keep your hair clean and moisturised


The hair has to be clean, but not too clean if that makes sense. It is best to avoid overwashing as it tends to dry your hair. Once or two times per week in most cases is sufficient. For oily hair, try a dry shampoo. That should help to stretch out the frequency of washing.


Use a conditioner with every wash. That will lock in the moisture. Then opt for natural air drying if you can get away with that. If not, the solution could be using one of those fantastic super-absorbent hair turbans. I do, and it significantly reduces blow-drying time. Reduce the heat of your dryer. Blow dry your hair with warm air, never hot. That is crucial.

Then rub in leave-in conditioner. Mid-hair to the ends is sufficient.


For the ends, use hair oil. To protect and nurture. Hair oil locks in the moisture and helps prevent split ends and breakage. My grandma used linseed oil all her life, and her hair reached her knees! I use it regularly as well. I love giving my linseed elixir an extra kick by adding a few drops of castor oil and vitamin E.

Brush daily

To distribute natural hair oils building on your scalp, brush your hair every night with a natural brush.

Brushing also serves as a gentle massage to help improve circulation.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage improves blood circulation. More blood brings more oxygen and nutrients. That is very beneficial for hair growth, both in length and thickness. I perform a few-minute scalp massage in the evening before brushing my hair. I also massage my scalp with coconut oil every time I put on a coconut oil mask. 

long hair with healthy ends

Grow long Hair with a Healthy Diet

It’s a no-brainer that to grow long and healthy hair, we need nutrients. And they do not come from highly processed foods. 

We should eat enough good quality protein daily. It is crucial for hair growth. Always include fresh seasonal fruit and veggies. Garnish with nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. 

Keep your body hydrated. Drinking enough water is fundamental. 

Hair Supplements

Nowadays, there are so many on the market. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking supplements. Opt for natural and sustainable options as much as possible.

However, supplements cannot substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. Our bodies manage to absorb nutrients from food more efficiently. That is not the case with various pills and potions. Do our bodies absorb any of that stuff?

We can only try and observe. My top choices for supplements for hair are biotin and silica. I take them occasionally. And that is when I notice my hair or nails getting brittle.

Reduce Heat Treatments

Avoid all types of heat on your hair. Blow dry only with mild settings. Use no heat styling techniques whenever possible. Your hair will thank you for that. 

Reduce stress

Stress, in many cases, is responsible for hair loss. Sometimes significant and in short periods. 

Avoid situations causing high levels of stress whenever possible.

To contrast chronic stress, try different relaxation techniques. You should try different ones and discover what works best for you. Here are some ideas for lowering stress and cortisol:

  • Free up your schedule.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Hug your loved ones or pets.
  • Experiment with new hobbies.
  • Meditate.
  • Work out.
  • Do whatever makes you happy.
  • Laugh out loud.
  • Stop taking everything seriously.
  • Read a good book.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Go to the cinema. 

Avoid frequent haircuts

And what about regular haircuts? My advice is to skip the scissors for as long as possible. For two reasons:

  1. It does not help lengthen your hair. 
  2. The ends after a cut tend to lose moisture and therefore need more attention and treatments to avoid split ends shortly after. I prefer to avoid getting frequent haircuts. I can go months without going to hairdressers. Instead, I prevent and treat split ends and let my hair grow. I only go to a hair salon when I want to change my hairstyle or refresh it. 
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