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Reasons to opt for no-tox and green home cleaning methods

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We strive to have a clean and welcoming home. But being clean and organised is not equal to being safe and no-tox. The use of commercial house cleaning detergents and materials is often harmful due to the presence of various chemicals. On top of that, it is seldom sustainable. Ergo, we should do our best to protect our health and environment by implementing no-tox and green home cleaning practices.

Why should we bother about no-tox and green cleaning?

First, to protect our health. 

Harmful chemicals found in many commercial cleaners might be causing health problems. Even more so when used for prolonged periods. It could be a good idea to look into the ingredients of your detergents if you suffer unexplained health conditions like allergies, headaches or respiratory irritations. 

Commercial detergents might contain phosphates, ammonia, chlorine bleach, phthalates, etc. This not-so-pretty combo releases harmful fumes to inhale, contributes to water pollution, and might disrupt hormones. 

Second, to make our home safe. 

By constantly exposing our homes to toxic chemicals, we might be causing damage to our family, pets and friends. Switching to no-tox cleaning will make your home environment safer for everyone who lives there or drops by for a visit. That is because no-tox cleaning products rely on natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause respiratory irritations and will contribute to better indoor air quality. 

Third, to make home cleaning easier to manage. 

Going green with cleaning routines often minimises the quantity of products needed. That is because these products are often multipurpose. We only need a few simple ingredients in stock to make various cleaning products. So, less confusion, less shopping, less plastic waste to recycle, and more space in cupboards. 

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Fourth, to be more environmentally friendly. 

Switching to no-tox and green cleaning practices can considerably reduce plastic waste. All those spray bottles are likely to go straight to landfills and oceans. No-tox and green cleaning supplies often come in eco-friendly packaging. Moreover, green companies tend to employ sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Furthermore, no-tox and green cleaning products are typically biodegradable, natural and plant-based. This means they decompose more easily, reducing the impact on water systems and soil.

We can buy no-tox green cleaning detergents in powder or tabs, refillable ones, or DIY at home. 

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Fifth, to know what’s in your products. 

This is important for everyone who wants to go no-tox and green in their home cleaning. When you DIY your detergents, you have complete control over the ingredients. However, serious companies will be very transparent about their practices and what goes into their products. I would steer clear of any shady or elusive suppliers. Unfortunately, green-washing is still a thing. 

Sixth, to save money. 

Green and no-tox home cleaning often requires fewer products, so you save money, space and time. DIYing some can lead to significant savings over time. Making your cleaning solutions with vinegar and baking soda is a cost-effective alternative to specialised commercial cleaning sprays. Furthermore, no-tox and green cleaning calls for reusable cloths instead of single-use towels. Switching to no-tox and green cleaning, we are more likely to buy natural and eco-friendly cleaning suppliers that are frequently sturdier and last much longer than plastic ones. 

And most importantly, by creating a healthier indoor environment, we are likely to save on healthcare costs associated with exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Final thoughts on no-tox cleaning

To round up, choosing a no-tox and green cleaning has several benefits. It promotes a healthier living environment by limiting exposure to harmful chemicals. It is also environmentally friendly, supporting healthier ecosystems and a greener planet. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective compared to conventional cleaning methods. 

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