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How to Improve Cleaning Mindset

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Did you ever wonder how some people never look overwhelmed or stressed about cleaning? They complete their cleaning routines with ease and calm efficiency. On the other hand, others tend to struggle and become overly stressed by only thinking about cleaning. Can a mindset be responsible for this massive difference? A cleaning mindset is a thing! So, let’s figure out how to improve it and, consequently, level up our game.

What is a cleaning mindset?

It is a set of beliefs, habits and attitudes concerning our approach to cleanliness and organisation. Those with a more positive approach will be more proactive, viewing cleaning as a daily habit instead of a chore. It has all to do with maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Often, this type of approach extends further than one’s home. That could include outside spaces, cars, and offices. On the top, you could also see these people pick up trash at the beach, in the forest or on the street and toss it in the nearest recycling bin. 

What does a Cleaning Mindset Consist of?

Overall, a cleaning mindset involves integrating cleanliness into our daily routines. So, the ultimate goal is to maintain a clean and organised living environment. And we do that with a proactive attitude every day. Seeing that, we can compare a cleaning mindset to a fitness mindset. Fit people will take care of their diet and exercise regimen daily. It is a lifestyle choice. 

So, let’s break it down a little: 

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  • Mindfulness.

A cleaning mindset requires us to be mindful of our living environment, how we maintain it, what we bring into it, and how cleanliness impacts our overall well-being and productivity. 

  • Efficient organisation.

We should consider the entire organisation, including the living environment, cleaning systems, routines, and equipment. Good organisation will make cleaning more manageable. 

  • Attention to detail and preventative maintenance.

Small details can make a significant difference to thorough cleanliness and tidyness. Displaced items, spills and muddy footprints should be dealt with readily and promptly. 

  • Consistency.

Consistency is the key. Regular cleaning and tidying up spaces will prevent unwanted clutter and dirt build-up. It is helpful to have daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning routines in place.

  • Positive attitude.

A positive attitude can help immensely to manage cleaning quicker, easier and without overwhelm. Unquestionably, we all have days when we don’t feel like cleaning. But at the end of the day, we must face it every single day to some extent. It might be helpful to try to make it more rewarding and fun. 

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How to improve your cleaning mindset?

  • Start by creating a realistic daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routine that includes basic tasks. Every routine should reflect your needs and lifestyle. 
  • Experiment and adjust your routines to become more efficient. A cleaning routine can look perfect on paper but be hardly pursuable in real life. Experiment, try new techniques, and see what works best for you.
  • Seek inspiration and practical advice.

Indulge in inspiration on Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, etc. In most cases, you can find good advice to tackle specific problems. Or find some helpful tips and tricks from cleaning and organisation experts to become more efficient. 

  • Set realistic goals.

While some cleaning tasks are quick and painless, others can look too intimidating to start. Big tasks can be divided into small and manageable ones to avoid overwhelm. 

  • Declutter regularly.

Decluttering should be included in basic cleaning routines. It is very challenging to clean and maintain cleanliness in a cluttered environment. Therefore, decluttering should be a number one task. Every item you own should have its proper space. With this in mind, minimise and downsize as much as possible. It will make cleaning life so much easier.

  • Involve family members.

Why not lighten your cleaning workload by assigning responsibilities to other family members or roommates? Everyone in a household should participate. Yes, kids also. 

  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude.

Be grateful for your living spaces and having the privilege to care for them. When you shift your perspective from a list of daunting chores to your environment and being able to live there, it opens up another level of mindfulness and how you see tidying up and cleaning. Also, try to be more mindful while performing cleaning tasks. Focus on the present moment. Take time to appreciate your possessions. And your family. And your home. 

  • Understand that cleaning is a continuous process.

It never ends. To clarify, once you clean a spot, you can see it getting dirty again. Generally, when you complete tasks on your to-do list, they are considered done. But with home cleaning, it doesn’t always work like that. For example, your laundry basket and kitchen sink will hardly ever be empty at all times. And it is acceptable. And normal. How about setting a goal of having enough clean clothes in the wardrobe and enough clean dishes to cook and eat without distress instead? 

  • Reward yourself.

Lastly, acknowledge your efforts and celebrate victories. Big and small. All good habits should be encouraged and reinforced.

Final thoughts

So, to improve our cleaning mindset, we must cultivate new cleanliness-reinforcing habits and change some attitudes and behaviours. With that in mind, set a goal to maintain a clean, healthy, organised and comfortable living environment.

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