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 Simple Daily Tasks to Maintain Your Home Clean

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Keeping your home clean and tidy can be challenging, especially if you have kids, pets or untidy companions. It is particularly tough if you are the only one that cares about keeping up with a high standard of tidiness. Please do not get discouraged. Your kids, pets and spouse do not create all the mess to get on your nerves. They probably do not even realise or understand why you’re upset. So how do we maintain our home clean and tidy?

You could start by inviting your household members to participate and delegating some of the small tasks. Then try creating some basic house rules that are easy to follow. For example: taking off muddy shoes before stepping inside the house, putting dirty clothes into a designated basket, putting dirty dishes into the sink instead of ditching everything on the counters etc. 

Now let’s look into the main tasks you should perform daily to maintain your home clean and tidy. This is not an exhaustive list. Here we focus only on what brings the maximum results with the least effort. Remember that every household is different, and the frequency of various cleaning tasks might vary significantly. Therefore there is no pressure to complete all of them every day. 

Make your Bed

This will make your bedroom look much tidier and more relaxing straight away. 

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Do the Dishes and Clean the Kitchen Surfaces

Sometime before coming across Dane K White’s cleaning tips, I made it a priority to clean up my kitchen and do the dishes every night before bedtime. This was a life changer for me. My mornings are so much less stressful. And a clean kitchen makes a great start to my day. Every day. 

Before that, my mornings were miserable. I would go to the kitchen to get my glass of water and stare at the mess and piles of dishes in the sink. What a horrible way to start a day. 

I 100% agree with Dana: do the dishes. Washing up should be your number one task if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

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Do 10 min Tidy up Session to maintain your home clean and tidy

Grab a basket, collect out-of-space items scattered around your house, and put them away. That applies to dirty socks on the sofa, an explosion of toys on the floor, the shoes you were wearing last night and somehow now one is in the bathroom and the other in the kitchen.

Some days I perform 10 min sessions twice a day. It doesn’t take much effort, and the results are life-changing. 

Ten minutes is a very short time. You will need to focus. My advice is to tackle the most crucial tasks first. Look around and decide what will have the most impact on the overall tidiness of your home. Set the timer and get to work. 

Vacuum or Sweep High-Traffic Areas

This is particularly important if you have pets, children or a big family. The amount of dust, pet hair and dirt accumulating daily is scary. It takes just a few minutes of your time to vacuum dirty areas.  The floors will look great between the washes. And all that dust and dirt will not end up on various surfaces in your home (beds, wardrobes, bookshelves etc.). 

Spot-Clean any Spills or wet dirt

Have you accidentally spilt some tomato sauce on the kitchen floor? Just wipe it up. It’s quick and easy while it’s fresh. And you don’t want to be looking at it for a few days until you need to face the floor mopping day.

Do a quick Bathroom Touch-Up

This one is also a game-changer. Not only will your bathroom always be presentable ( in case of surprise guests), but it will also make a weekly bathroom cleaning a breeze. 

I keep my bathroom detergent under my bathroom sink for easy access at any time. I wipe down the sink and toilet seat every night.

Another lifesaver is drying shower walls with a cloth after showering to significantly lower water and soap stains. For my household, 3 to 4 times a week is sufficient, and I no longer have to sweat scrubbing my shower. 

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Take out the Trash

Avoid at all costs keeping smelly garbage in your home. You might not need to take out the trash every day but check the levels daily. 

Do Laundry

This one is non-compulsory. Not all of us have a load every day, and some of us prefer doing laundry once a week. If you don’t have a dryer and hang dry your laundry, doing it every other day is more practical. I do laundry as soon as I have a full load. 

And that’s all. Performing small daily tasks regularly will help you maintain your home clean and tidy. 

Remember that daily tasks should be quick and easy, with no hard work or stress included. And once you get used to doing small cleaning tasks daily, your house will look and feel much better.

Use a 2-minute rule when it comes to your general house maintenance. If you see that some area needs more attention, decide whether you can do it in 2 minutes or less, and if you can, do it there and then. If not, schedule it. 

E.g. you open your kitchen cabinet and find it disorganised and dirty. It might also have expired items. This task should be included in your weekly cleaning schedule when you can dedicate more time. Once it is scheduled, your head will be lighter, and you will be way more organised with your housework.

If you cannot deal with all daily tasks, use Pareto’s 80/20 principle. What are the 20% that account for 80% of the results? It is totally up to you to decide. If you are in trouble deciding where to start, my hint would be: to do the kitchen (dishes and counters) and do a 5 to 10 min tidying session. And you should be done in 20 min or less with maximum results of the overall feel of your home.

That works for me and helps me maintain my home clean and tidy most of the time. I hope it will help you with your daily struggles as well.

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