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How to Refresh Your Home: Spring Cleaning Checklist

window sills cleaning is perfect for spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning somehow became a ritual for many. As the days get longer, temperatures rise, we let in fresh air by keeping windows open, and we feel the entire house needs a facelift. And in many cases, it is true. Dust, clutter, and stains should be handled as we feel more energetic and motivated. 

Would you be ready to dive in? Why not arm yourself with a positive attitude? Spring cleaning should not be considered an extended cleaning session and another daunting task on your to-do list. Instead, see it as an opportunity to refresh and reorganise your home for the pretty season. 

There are no specific rules. You can freely make your action plan, decide which areas to tackle first and decide on specific goals for your spring cleaning marathon. Some are happier with a detailed checklist, while others prefer dividing the house into areas tackle them separately with all the challenges they might throw at them. 

Spring Cleaning Tasks: 

Some tasks will be the same from area to area. Some of these can be done for the entire house to save time and energy. We can significantly improve efficiency by gathering all necessary tools and focusing on one task at a time. For example, cleaning windows in the entire home could be a great idea. However, it is up to us to decide. 

Specific room-by-room tasks can be done by extending your weekly cleaning routine‘s time (or days), dedicating an entire weekend, or a few weeknights. It all depends on the size of your project for that particular room. 

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General Spring Cleaning Tasks:

  • Clean baseboards.
  • Wipe walls and clean any stains. Paint if needed.
  • Thoroughly clean and polish the floor.
  • Clean windows inside and out, and clean window sills.
  • Wash and iron curtains (or dry clean) and dust curtain rods. Dust blinds.
  • Wipe lighting fixtures.
  • Clean, sanitise and polish doors and door handles. Wipe light switches and power sockets.
  • Clean radiators.
  • Clean and organise all charges and random cables. Discard broken ones.
  • Clean high surfaces.
  • Shampoo or spot clean rugs and carpets.
  • Replace light bulbs and batteries where needed. 
  • Clean / replace air filters.
  • Test smoke alarms.
  • Treat mildew. 

Room Specific Spring Cleaning Tasks:


  • Empty wardrobe and thoroughly clean inside. It is a perfect time to declutter. Switch over seasonal items. Wash your winter clothing and properly store it away, including shoes and accessories.
  • Empty, declutter, clean and organise your bedside tables and other storage. 
  • Wash bedding, including mattress and pillow protectors, duvets, and bed skirts. Clean mattress. Clean slats, rails and bed legs.
decluttering clothing by making a mess on the floor

Kitchen and Pantry

  • Clear out the pantry, check for expired items, and clean shelving and all surfaces. 
  • Clear out all kitchen cabinets, and dispose of all broken and expired items. Thoroughly clean and re-organise.
  • Clean kitchen appliances and run the dishwasher clean cycle. Scrub and remove stains from pans.
  • Deep clean oven.
  • Deep clean stovetop.
  • Defrost and clean the freezer, deep clean and sanitise the fridge.
  • Thoroughly degrease and clean the backsplash.
  • Cure wooden cutting boards and cast iron pans.
  • Clean under kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean and deodorise the kitchen drain.
clean and organised kitchen


  • Thoroughly clean and descale shower and shower head, bathtub, sink, toilet bowl and faucets. And grout.
  • Empty, declutter, clean and organise bathroom cabinets. 
  • Check the med cabinet for expired items and update your first aid kit.
  • Wash bathroom linen, bathmats and towels. Spring cleaning is the perfect time for laundry stripping.

Hall / Entryway

  • Empty all storage cabinets and shelves, clean and organise.
  • Wash and put away seasonal items.
  • Clean and polish the front door.
  • Wash doormat.

Laundry Room

  • Clean washing machine and drier vent.
  • Empty all cabinets, declutter, clean and organise.

Living Room and Dining Room

  • Empty, clean and polish all shelves and cabinets.
  • Wash and iron table linen.
  • Polish silver.
  • Spot clean chair and sofa cushions. Wash throw pillows.
  • Sanitise remote controls.
woman organising clothing and linens

Kids Room(s)

  • Declutter. Dispose of broken items and donate unused toys and clothing.
  • Clean and sanitise toys.
  • Clean and polish furniture, organise. 
  • Clean bed, wash bed linen, duvet, pillows and protectors. 

Home Office

  • Declutter and organise documents.
  • Declutter your computer and organise your desktop.
  • Clean and organise furniture, storage and shelving units.
  • Organise office supplies.

Garage and Storage

  • Dispose of broken items, and donate unused stuff.
  • Clean shelves and cabinets.
  • Organise tools and equipment. 

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