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How to Find a Balance between Productivity and Overwhelm

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Many of us juggle from bursts of productivity and inspiration to a complete overwhelm and stagnation. Can we improve and be more active and less stressed? How do we find a balance between productivity and overwhelm?

Well, it all starts with the right attitude and state of mind. 

It can be challenging to find inspiration and motivation to take action when we are overwhelmed. On the other hand, feeling creative and inspired often leads to productivity and allows us to go with the flow. And when we are in the flow, we can achieve much more. It feels like only the sky is our limit. This makes me think about productivity and overwhelm as two sides of the same coin.

How does your attitude impact your productivity?

Attitude and the state of mind are fundamental to how we act, how productive we are and how we face our day-to-day living. It might be hard to face, but we are often the problem and get in our way. Therefore, we can also become a solution.

We have the power to shape our day. It is up to us to decide how we manage various tasks and unexpected situations. We tend to judge and label everything. So, in a nutshell, we get to determine whether a given task is “difficult” or “easy”, whether it is “time-consuming” or not. 

And how we label everything often will define our attitude and mood. If we anticipate a difficult day, it is more likely to be so. Unless we somehow manage to snap out of that state of mind.

The same goes for any task we might have at hand. If we view it as difficult or time-consuming, we tend to procrastinate. Conversely, if we perceive a chore as easy and quick, we will likely tackle it immediately.

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How do we find your balance between productivity and overwhelm?

The goal is not to be productive 100% of the time and never feel overwhelmed. Everyone feels overwhelmed every so often, even the most successful people. That is a sign that we have goals and aspirations. I would be concerned if the feeling of being overwhelmed is absent. 

Finding a balance between productivity and overwhelm means we should be consistently productive and effectively manage the overwhelm. Being consistently productive is a process that is sustained in the long term, not just quick burstouts followed by prolonged periods of inaction. When it comes to the overwhelm management, we should draw the feedback it provides us instead of letting it beat us up to inaction and burnout.

Ways to deal with overwhelm

First of all, notice your thoughts and feelings. Are they helping you to move forward or hold you back? Search for better thinking patterns and positive attitudes. It is helpful to slow down and have time to reflect, redefine your purpose and look at the bigger picture of your life. It is more constructive than focusing on a single negative thought. 

Second, move your body. Get up, go for a walk or a run, or hit the gym. Exercise is a fantastic tool to deal with stress and overwhelm. It is not only about physical fitness but also about your energy levels and mood.

Third, do a brain dump. Write down everything you think you should be doing and everything that bothers you. Then, review the list and eliminate everything that has no real value to you. Be honest and let go of unnecessary chores and commitments. 

Fourth, decide what is important and set priorities. Start with the most pressing and urgent task, then move on to the next one. One at a time, no multitasking. For better time management, non-urgent chores should be scheduled in your calendar during less busy times.

Fifth, drop perfectionism because it will keep you in a state of inaction and procrastination. It is always better to take action. We should not be concerned about making mistakes as they are part of the progress and learning process. 

Sixth, allow yourself some time to rest and do nothing every day. And protect that time. It will help you to recharge your mind, which in turn will boost your productivity levels.

woman realxed and in deeply peaceful state of mind

Final thoughts on creating balance between productivity and overwhelm

Finding a balance between productivity and overwhelm is a personal journey and is different for everyone. However, it all starts with looking for ways to improve your state of mind and thinking patterns for the more proactive and positive ones. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and burned out, it is advisable to slow down and look at the bigger context. When we reassess our priorities and purpose in life, it becomes easier to focus on what truly matters.

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