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How to Create a Makeup Capsule

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Most of us are guilty of buying multiple makeup products. Many of them we hardly ever use. We are constantly tempted and encouraged by new trends, beautiful colours and shiny packaging. And here is the problem. We buy what we do not need, creating a lot of waste. And clutter our bathrooms and purses. And on top of that, spend a lot of money. The solution could be simply creating a makeup capsule, as with clothing.

What is a Makeup Capsule?

A make-up capsule is a curated collection of versatile makeup essentials that allows one to achieve the desired looks. This minimalist approach calls for owning less, buying less, and simplifying your makeup routine. And, of course, prioritising quality, not the quantity. 

Why do we need a Makeup Capsule?

First of all, to simplify your daily life. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Other benefits of creating a makeup capsule include saving loads of time and decision fatigue. In the long run, it helps save money and teaches you to choose better-quality items you enjoy using every day. 

Makeup capsule is also environmentally friendly as it cuts on waste and encourages a mindful approach to consumption. 

Another great advantage is that it is travel-friendly. You will be ready in minutes by packing only essential items.

How do I create a Makeup Capsule?

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There are a few steps to create a capsule. It is not difficult, but it needs some time and effort. 

Assess your needs and wants

What is your daily signature look? Most of us have two to three looks for a day and another one or two for a night out. Let’s be honest and decide what works best and what we can let go of. At this point, do not consider items regarding your fantasy self. There is space for experiments, but you should not burden the initial capsule with it. 

Identify Core Products

What are the products you use regularly? Are there non-negotiables? We are talking about a few fundamental products, for example, mascara, foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner. At this point, you should evaluate multi-purpose products. It’s possible to have both lipstick and blush using only one product. The same goes for highlighter and eyeshadow. 

Choose well

Consider your skin tone and try different shades before buying a new product. A capsule calls for fewer items, so prioritise good quality, functional and long-lasting makeup items. A true minimalist owns fewer than ten makeup items, which may be too extreme for most people. I would not worry about the number of items. That is individual, and we have absolute freedom here. What we need to think about is functionality and the actual necessity.

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Test, Review and Update

Makeup capsule is not static and can change frequently. You might have seasonal swaps, try new looks and experiment. That’s where your fantasy self might want to come forward. For example, you wish to be daring and wear a cherry red lipstick. Go ahead and give it a try. Commit yourself to the challenge and wear the lipstick at least five times a week for a consecutive month. After this trial period, you should be able to decide whether it works for you. You might also outgrow your daily look and look for a new one. This is fine. It is best to keep it simple and include one or two new products at a time. 

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