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Easy Everyday Eco-Friendly Swaps

Small changes can make a huge impact, especially if practised collectively. We should all strive for a more eco-conscious lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. It is not always simple, but some easy, eco-friendly swaps will not break the bank and your sanity.  These sustainable alternatives can be effortlessly incorporated into our daily routine.

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Why is decluttering difficult? 

We live in an ever-spreading consumerist culture where material abundance is considered normal. We strive for more, better, and bigger things. But end up stressed, confused and unhappy regardless of how much stuff we manage to accumulate. On the other hand, we get a lot of advice on why we should declutter and how to do it. Unfortunately, most of us still find decluttering extremely difficult. Let’s explore why that is. 

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How to Improve Cleaning Mindset

Did you ever wonder how some people never look overwhelmed or stressed about cleaning? They complete their cleaning routines with ease and calm efficiency. On the other hand, others tend to struggle and become overly stressed by only thinking about cleaning. Can a mindset be responsible for this massive difference? A cleaning mindset is a thing! So, let’s figure out how to improve it and, consequently, level up our game.

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What is a Frugal Lifestyle?

A frugal lifestyle is a way of living that involves making mindful economic choices to maximise value and minimise unnecessary expenses. In other words, live well and within or below our means. It is not only about saving money. It is about maximising resources and what we already have.

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Reasons to opt for no-tox and green home cleaning methods

We strive to have a clean and welcoming home. But being clean and organised is not equal to being safe and no-tox. The use of commercial house cleaning detergents and materials is often harmful due to the presence of various chemicals. On top of that, it is seldom sustainable. Ergo, we should do our best to protect our health and environment by implementing no-tox and green home cleaning practices.

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