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Sustainable Valentine’s Gifts For Eco-Friendly Celebration of Love

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Valentine’s Day has become increasingly commercial, overshadowing its true celebration of love and affection. Millions are spent each year on Valentine’s gifts to our loved ones. However, as environmental consciousness is gaining momentum, we should all consider more sustainable alternatives to express our love and gratitude.

There is a lot of emphasis on things we should buy: jewellery, sweats, decorations, cards, and flowers that are short-lived and might fill us with joy on Valentine’s Day, but shortly after, most of that stuff goes straight to the trash and brings no further value to us. And just like that, we end up creating loads of waste. 

If you can think of an item that your partner would love and use for a long time, by all means, go for it. It could hardly get more eco-friendly than that. And if you aren’t sure what to gift, let’s explore some ideas on how to be more committed to our planet while adding a unique touch to our celebration of love.

DIY gifts

How about minimising the environmental impact associated with mass production by DIYing a gift ourselves? Handmade and personalised Valentine’s Day gifts are sentimental and carry a special meaning. That could be a photo album, a piece of art, handcrafted jewellery, a personalised recipe book, a customised playlist, or creating something tailored to your partner’s preferences or defining your shared moments. 

Experiences over Things

Often, experiences hold much greater value than physical gifts. On top of that, they create lasting memories for both. But the activity should be planned with your partner in mind. Ideas? A weekend getaway, cooking class, wine tasting, dance class, concert or theatre tickets, adventure day, scavenger hunt, art or craft workshop, photography session, stargazing night, hot air balloon ride, etc. 

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Sweet Delights

Sustainable Valentine’s gifts could be edible. Chocolate? Yes, please. But how about looking for an extra special treat? Perhaps made from ethically sourced ingredients, organic, and handcrafted by an artisan for the occasion? 

beautilfully decorated chocolate cake for two

Reusable items with a romantic twist

We can opt for getting a reusable everyday item that encourages a sustainable way of living and reminds our loved ones about us. Hopefully, multiple times a day! That could be a personalised water bottle or thermos, coffee cup, lunch box, canvas shopper, or any other fun and eco-friendly item. 

Sustainable flowery Valentine’s gifts

Why not opt for a potted plant or sustainably sourced local flowers? Another idea could be seeds or gardening tools for your loved one (or both of you together) to grow something from scratch. A foodie would appreciate an indoor herb garden. 

Eco-friendly fashion and accessories

Is your loved one a fashionista? Sustainable fashion items make a perfect eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift. Look for garments made from organic or recycled materials and companies that advocate fair trade practices. Local eco-conscious designers might have unique items that make a statement and would enrich your sweetheart’s wardrobe. Mass production fast fashion does not speak romance to me.

The same goes for accessories. Why not try a piece made from fruit leather? Buy second-hand or vintage. Another idea would be to order a personalised piece of jewellery from a local artisan and possibly use recycled materials.

Other Sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts

Make an extra special home-cooked dinner to enjoy in candlelight. 

Bake a cake or cookies to enjoy together. 

Make a charity donation in your partner’s name. It should be one that your partner cares about.

Craft a meaningful self-care gift set. Show your sweethearts how well you know them and how deeply you care about their well-being.

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