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How to have a tidy home with less effort?

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Do you enjoy a tidy home and manage to get all of your clean and tidy tasks most of the time? Or do you feel like drowning under piles of random stuff, dirty laundry and dishes? I know I know some of us struggle more than others. And it has a lot to do with the mindset. However, some tricks can help keep your home tidy with less effort.

Why is my home so chaotic?

If your house is consistently messy, it may be due to having too many possessions. They get moved around, but the result is always the same. Mess. Which in turn accumulates dust and dirt. So, how do we deal with that?

How do I manage the stuff?

  • Declutter. 

Decluttering is the most important task for achieving tidy, clean, and calm living spaces. It is impossible to clean and tidy your home when it’s cluttered. Therefore, get rid of excess stuff and simplify your living spaces. Start small, find your pace and be steady with it. 

woman decluttering with keep donate and throw out boxes
  • Keep only things you need or love. Ideally. 

It’s fundamental to let go of any unused items. That includes fantasy-self items and craft supplies that haven’t been used for years, and so on.  Keep only stuff that you actively use. Decorative items that you enjoy and appreciate should stay. Declutter the ones you don’t like anymore. 

  • Make a home for every item you own.

This is a fundamental rule for an effortlessly tidy home. You should be able to put any item in its place whenever it’s no longer needed. Also, you should be able to find any item quickly and without effort every time. 

Tips to maintain a tidy home with less effort

  • No shoes and dirty paws in the house policy. This is straightforward. Walking around the house with dirty shoes encourages dirt spread. The same goes for paws. Keep paw wipes at the entrance so you can clean dirt before letting your pets run around the house. 
family shoes left neatly by the door
  • It is of utmost importance to deal with mess magnets and high-traffic areas. Every home has its high-traffic areas and spots that attract clutter and dirt. They have to be addressed and monitored daily. High-traffic areas will need frequent touch-ups. Mess magnets should be dismantled whenever possible. Sometimes, rearranging the furniture or installing improved storage solutions could provide a permanent solution to the problem.
  • Clean and tidy as you go. When moving around the house, take any misplaced items where they belong. Wipe the sink and mirror before going to bed at night. Scrub shower while showering, wash up while cooking. And so on.  
  • Clean a little every day. Have a solid cleaning routine in place. Devoting just 30 minutes daily to cleaning can transform your home’s appearance and atmosphere. I promise it’s worth it. Set a timer and focus on the task at hand. You can do a lot of housework in thirty minutes.
  • Use baskets. They are great for storing everyday-use items like blankets, loungewear, remote controls, toys, etc. And they are decorative, too. Win-win. Baskets are also great for picking up any displaced items on the go and transporting them to their respective spaces. 
  • Tidy up after yourself. And train other household members to do the same. If we get into a habit of putting away items as soon as we finish using them, washing coffee or tea mugs instead of leaving them on the counter, putting away clothes where they belong every time we change, etc., life gets much less chaotic. 
  • The post should be sorted out as soon as it comes in. Same for any deliveries, shopping, groceries, gym or picnic gear, etc.. There should be no letters, bills, magazines, Amazon boxes, or bags from your last shopping spree in the entryway. 
tidy minimalist entryway
  • And finally, let go of perfectionism. Instead, set a cleanliness standard. And communicate it to others in the household. Set priorities and let go of the need to control everything and all the time. Remember, no house is perfect. 

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